Race Education courses/electives in APSVA

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Arlington Public Schools represent and educate a predominantly white, generally wealthy population of students, many of whom often remain uninformed on the deep history of racial discrimination in the United States. This petition seeks to bridge the gaps of information on racial education between the black and white communities by offering a high school level elective course on American race relations.

The course would discuss systemic racism by examining Jim Crow minstrel shows and segregation, burning of Black Wall Street, generational wealth accumulation, housing and property value red-lining, and the poverty trap, as well as polarizing topics such as affirmative action, the racial pay gap, and reparations, to encourage intellectual dialog on race relations in a multicultural society.

By following a discussion-based, socratic format for this course, there would be plenty of content for an entire year, which is likely the major concern of the administration. A course analyzing the complexities of race could have an immense impact on young, critically-thinking students, especially given current events related to George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, in the present political climate.

Please sign this petition to reach the attention of Superintendent Durán, Chief Diversity Officer Arron Gregory, and the APSVA School Board to create this course across all Arlington public schools and promote racial education.