Mantengamos el programa de immersión en español de la Escuela Key Keep Key at Key!!

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• Bilingual success: We need this location in order to maintain our 50:50
balance of Spanish speakers to English speakers. Bilingual programs are
more successful when they are within close proximity to majority Hispanic
• Room to grow: Next year APS has projected that we will have a student
enrollment of 834 students. There is not another building in North Arlington
that can hold this amount of students.
• Popularity of immersion in Arlington: APS predicts that immersion will
continue to grow from year to year. In order to meet the demand of
Arlington residents, we must be in a location that has space to grow.
• Community engagement: We understand and support our larger
Courthouse community through outreach and engagement, clothing drives
and exchanges, and being a safe space for families who are struggling or
transient. We know our community, and our community knows what we
offer. If our program were to move, we are not certain that our entire
community will move with us, forcing them to navigate a new
administration that is unfamiliar with the needs of a more
socioeconomically diverse population.