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Exempt kids with chronic / severe illnesses that have to miss school (excused, 90+ grade)

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Our school has installed an incentive which allows kids with "90's or above, and no more than 3 excused absesnces" to be exempt from their exams & as a way to encourage kids to come to school. However, this incentive doesn't apply to all students.

There are many kids with chronic or severe diseases that won't be able to get exempt simply because they had to miss to get IV fluids all day. Even with doctor's notes or the doctor showing up to the school, we can't get exempt. This is supposed to be an incentive but if you have scheduled doctor appointments all year you inevitably will have to take your exams. When there's no encouragement to raise grades it can make some students feel hopeless, usually they already are, after having to catch up on grades.

In NO way are we asking for ANY special treatment, but we simply ask to consider making this incentive fair and equal. Because there are some kids that CHOOSE not to show up, which results in unexcused absences and low grades. Those kids will complain about not getting exempt but the ones who should be complaining are the kids that work VERY hard and CAN'T come to school. They don't get "rewarded" according to the school's "incentive."

This not only impacts kids in school today, but also future freshman that will end up facing the same fate. If you support working hard and getting rightfully rewarded unlike the ones who don't try, then sign our petition! This will lead to making Arlington Community Schools a better place for students with illnesses. We also plan on electing Tommy Reyes one day to be a voice for kids with autism and chronic or severe diseases. This needs to be talked about even if action isn't taken this year. In the years to come this incentive won't exclude the less fortunate and that is our goal.

Thanks, Brandon, Madi, (The Davis/Hughes family.)

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