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Demand change from HOA

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Since purchasing our home in the Arlington estates community in 2016 we have had nothing but aggressive violations and non responsive communication in regards to these violations.

Recently we had a pipe break downstairs which caused an emergency flood situation where all of or hardwood flooring had to be removed. During this removal our trash cans were left visable as it was a continuous clean up situation. During this event we received an HOA violation letter that fined us $150 for having our trash cans visible. You can see the removed floors in the image. Upon receiving this letter we contacted the HOA to let them know our situation and received no response. This was the final straw as many of our concerns towards problems in the community, violation issues, questions and comments have gone unanswered. We feel it is or responsibility to shed light on the unjust actions the HOA takes against homeowners who are reasonable and show responsibility in property ownership. Our story is not alone and we intend to bring forth as many signatures as we can to the board meeting April 26th to stand as a united front against unjust and unrighteous acts performed by HOA board members. Petty, unrealistic and sometimes out right ridiculous fine violations are granted without any second thought on homeowner's rights or circumstances. While in the same stance real issues like graffiti, insect infestations and unsanitary conditions are left unscathed. Please join us fellow homeowners to put an end to this ridiculous power play.

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