Safety Proposal of Columbia Pike/South Queen St/Washington Blvd

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This morning, a resident of the Arlington View community was struck by a car and killed at the intersection of South Queen Street, Columbia Pike, and the ramp to Washington Blvd/395. While details of how this accident happened are not available we would like to urge that effective measures to slow down traffic approaching this intersection and improve safety for residents exiting the community be put in place immediately.

This intersection is a vital artery for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Due to the elementary school located a few blocks away, this is also a way to-and-from school for many children and families

This petition proposes the following measures to increase the safety of our community. 

1.       We need a traffic light at South Rolfe Street to slow traffic going eastbound on Columbia Pike;  allow residents in vehicles to exit via South Rolfe Street and to allow safe passage for pedestrians to get to the bus stop on the north side of Columbia Pike.

2.       We need a longer green light cycle for both cars and pedestrians to safely exit from South Queen Street, especially to allow adequate time for pedestrians to cross busy areas of that intersection.

3.       We need short term  police enforcement at the intersection of South Queen Street and Columbia Pike to get people traveling eastbound on Columbia Pike out of the habit of speeding through the red light.

4.       In the long term, a red light camera for eastbound Columbia Pike at South Queen Street is needed to discourage and penalize red light runners.

5.     We need a pedestrian crosswalk with adequate lighting and signalling at the intersection of S. Rolfe St and Columbia Pike to allow Bus Riders safe passage to the South Side of Columbia Pike from the Bus Stop located at S. Rolfe St.