Petition the Arlington County Board: Future of Arlington's Parks

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Arlington parks should be places for everyone and should meet the needs of a growing community. 

However, tens of millions of dollars and acres of land throughout the county are being improperly allocated to retain and even expand recreational facilities despite internal county data and analyses which do not support the need to do so.

The Dept. of Parks & Rec is refusing to disclose their internal data and analyses as part of ANY public park planning process, including the soon-to-be approved 20 year master park and public spaces plan called “POPS”  

This is the future of Arlington County parks and public land for everyone. 

Demand NOW a public process and review of Arlington's facility usage and needs BEFORE the approval of the POPS plan, which will be used as bench marking decisions affecting land use, major investments, and community planning for 20 years. 

-------------- FURTHER INFORMATION -----------

The 20-year park master plan “POPS” will: 

  • Guide ALL public space decisions including your local parks, open space, natural areas, community spaces, and other recreational needs.
  • Hamper the ability to redesign APS recreational facilities better to allow for school expansions on APS land
  • Affect the allocation and usage of over a dozen acres of parkland throughout the County.
  • Affect the allocation of tens of millions of dollars, which would now be slated to improve numerous unneeded facilities throughout the county.

County-wide services are being reduced because of budgetary issues. Scarce county land is unable to meet the needs of residents. Yet limited monies and acres of public land are being earmarked for recreational facilities despite data which does not support those decisions. Demand NOW a public process and review of Arlington's facility usage and needs BEFORE the approval of the POPS plan.