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Petitioning Arkansas State House and 2 others

Arkansas State Senate and State House of Representatives: Expel Senator Jason Rapert for his poor conduct

Senator Rapert has proposed legislation that he knows is unconstitutional. He has opened the State of Arkansas to liability should this law pass. Who would pay for the mistakes of Senator Rapert? The taxpayers of Arkansas. Senator Rapert is free to continue to propose unconstitutional legislation suffering no penalty himself, while we pay for the legal defense of laws that have no chance of standing up to constitutional scrutiny. In responding to criticism regarding this bill, he has made racist and offensive statements. This man has failed utterly as a legislator, and we demand that he be removed for his misconduct under Article 15 of the Arkansas Constitution of 1874.

Letter to
Arkansas State House
Arkansas State Senate
Arkansas Governor
Expel Senator Jason Rapert for his poor conduct