Petition Update


Denise Mulliken
Fayetteville, AR

Mar 22, 2013 — Yesterday, we received a call from Rep. Armstrong who is sponsoring HB2160. He seemed to be very opened-minded and willing to discuss the issues. He said he had received a lot of feedback for and against the bill. I told him about our opposition to mandatory legislation, that it always backfires and results in more shelter killing, that it hurts low-income people, that making low-cost spay/neuter services was the best alternative, and told him that the No Kill Equation is the ultimate solution to shelter killing. Later, we received an e-mail from Rep. Greg Leding, who wrote that he is voting against HB2160. We are being heard!! Please continue to share this petition and contact your representative and the members of the House Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development and tell them you oppose HB2160..