Petition Update

Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws lead to increased shelter killing.

Denise Mulliken
Fayetteville, AR

Mar 21, 2013 — In 2008, Los Angeles passed a law mandating that all dogs and cats be spayed and neutered. The results were disasterous. In 2011, 5 years after the mandatory spay/neuter ordinance was put into effect to try to DECREASE shelter euthanasia, 38% more dogs were impounded and 56% more dogs were euthanized than the year prior to the ordinance taking effect. The numbers for cats were equally poor. Major national organizations ons like the American Veterinary Medical Assocation, ASPCA, Best Friends, American Humane Assocation, Ally Cat Allies, and No Kill Advocacty Center are all opposed to mandatory spay/neuter laws. This doesn't mean there is opposition to spay/neuter -- but an opposition to mandating it for individuals when the laws have continued to fail, over and over, and targeted, voluntary, low cost spay/neuter programs continue to prove to be effective and efficient ways of generating positive results. Please sign and share today!