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Petitioning Early release of our friend and loved one, Lonnie Beulah.

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Dear Parole Board Members, we respectly petition you to highly consider our friend, family member, and loved one for the early release of parole. Lonnie left us at the ripe age of 15 in August of 1999 due to poor decision making that led to his participation in a crime,murder and battery, contrary in nature to the character we knew him by. He has constantly remained remorseful and has used his time of incarceration by applying your guidelines, godly values, and love as tools to become a very fit and stable person to function alongside his family, friends, and society. Your decision of early release can greatly benefit those of us who deeply care for him and possibly those he shares his story and experiences with who were in ways like him before incarceration. Rest assured that we will support him in every way possible! If only in words of encouragement,employment will not be an obstacle for him as we know his work ethic and personality of being teachable. From this we will not turn away as we haved continued to love him ever since. Hopefully he has served his time in a way that meets your criteria of release and his time spent incarcerated til this point is deemed sufficient. The jobs he has held,dog kennel, speaks of the trust ADC has in his ability of peace.As this position is unique, it allows merited freedom and grave trust.Because of the trust of this position he was allowed to attend multiple emergency furloughs without incident to society. Please see him as we know him. A young man who made a very immature and bad choice. Someone who loves his wife and kids too much to return, and who in his youth was a very dedicated volunteer in his local Boys Club. Selfless and kind. We readily accept him back with open arms! We ask that by the good faith and grace of your established system that in your discretion you allow Lonnie a second chance to be with his family and friends. We petition to you to show our support of his release and to assure you we will stand by him in his future endeavors. Thank you for your time and open mind in granting him this opportunity. 

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