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I would like to know why my mother died on US 412 on May 25th, 2017

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I need peace of mind as to why my mother died in a horrific car accident on May 25th, 2017. I spoke with my mother the night before and she told me she was to be driven to a doctors appointment the following morning by her adopted daughter Vanessa Crawford. This never occurred and a 75 year old woman Darlene Crawford drove herself to the doctor and at 11:32 am had a car accident that ended her life. I am her birth son and reside in California. I have reached out to the State Police in Arkansas and the Governors Office of Arkansas and was provided a police report.

My mother remarried many years ago to Tommy Charles Crawford. I tried to reach out to him over the days after her death and up onto the funeral. Tommy and I were never very close. I cant go in detail why I have such a great concern but will speak to authorities as to why I do. Tommy told me he had to work that day and could not drive her to the doctor, when I tried to communicate to Vanessa Crawford she kept referring to Darlene Crawford as her mother not thinking once that I was her birth son. The Crawford family did not provide much information that has not been settling with me to easily as it makes me believe they are possibly hiding something about her death and that this could be a murder. I was told in a text by Vanessa Crawford not to contact the family anymore because I believed she was murdered. What kind of people refrain from telling a son about their mother and what they know about the accident? I was told paramedics did try to revive her immediately at the scene of the accident which was not good because she had a pacemaker installed. Tommy Charles Crawford mentioned my mother had a spot on her lung. None of this would explain my mothers death so I could rest at ease that she was not murdered.

The night before I spoke with my mother and she was complaining about some plumbers that I guess were doing some work at the house because they were messing up the front yard. She did not sound very ill, but yet I was told by Tommy that she was up all night but yet she was allowed to drive herself to the doctor that morning. She clearly told me that Vanessa was to drive her but did not. Why? Vanessa would not answer. The information I was provided from the doctor is that she received some sort of shot while at the doctors visit and then allowed to leave and drive herself away from the doctor. It was not more than 5 minutes after she left the doctors office that she hit a semi truck head on and died.The doctor apparently must have thought she was ok to drive back home so what happened? I reached out to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner and asked for a coroners report to find out the cause of death, and also the funeral home. Neither one when I spoke last to them had a cause of death.

Why did a 75 year old woman who was up the night before drive herself to the doctors office and why did the doctor think she was ok to drive herself and then this happen. I would like a copy of the corners report and to hear the cause of death of my mother. Since her death the Crawford family has been extremely cold to me as they were when I was visiting down in Kennett Missouri some time ago before coming out to California. Why would they not provide settling information about my mothers passing? What are they trying to hide? My mother and I had talked alot of over the years and she told me things that got me upset that I will not write in here. I would simply like some answers so I can pit my mothers death to rest. I loved her dearly and miss her greatly. I know finding out wont bring her back but will give me peace of mind as to why she was not treated with dignity and respect at her age and driven to the hospital. 

Please sign the petition to help me get answers to her death so I can rest easier. I have had dreams about this and I am thousands of miles away. I felt her visit me the same day when she died. It felt like this huge hug that was very tight. then a couple days after it felt as though my heart was ripped from my chest. Then around the time of the wake and she was put to rest I felt a relief as she passed over. Even though the relief happened I still think about her often and can not hold back the tears. I cant believe this family would do this to a mother and son if they truly loved her. Was she murdered? We may never know but I do want to know the cause of death.


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