Don't kill Brandon Lacy

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Brandon Lacy is on death row in Arkansas and he should not be. He turned himself in and his codefendant got a life sentence. Brandon was drunk when he tried doing the right thing by calling police. And those police took advantage of him being drunk. They only allowed 8 hours for him to sober up. And he had been on almost 2 week drinking binge. The police had found the victims body 2 days prior to Brandon turning himself in. They removed the body then allowed the family to start removing items from the house which they did for the next 2 days. There was no leads or ideas how the victim had died. But the police did not care. Once Brandon turned himself in the police rushed to the house and told the family to return anything they had moved. At this point the house was a crime scene. Had Brandon not of called and turned himself in this crime would still be unsolved today.The state rewarded Brandon with a death sentence. And the police got to take his confession and make a scene that fit the charges they wanted. Again these facts Brandon gave was not all accurate. He did not have real facts as he was drunk the night the crime took place. He was put on trial with ineffective attorneys who later said they did not prepare for trial because they thought they were getting a plea deal for Brandon. So they focused on another case other than Brandon's. Brandon was sentenced to death. His codefendant got 2 extra years to prepare for trial after Brandon's conviction. And they where arrested at the same time. And the codefendant had some of the best attorneys in the area at the time. He got a life sentence even though he was sober the night of the crime. The only on sober that night in fact . Since the time Brandon has been on death row he has spent his time trying to better himself even though he awaits execution. He got his G.E.D an Associate degree in Psychology, Paralegal degree, Social work/Psychology degree and he is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist. All done from his cell on death row. All these degrees are awarded with honors. We ask that Brandon get a new fair trial with effective attorneys. If not we ask the Governor commute Brandon's sentence to a number of years to allow Brandon the chance to show the world he is a better person. Brandon has done all he could to rehabilitate himself. And that is what you want from someone in prison. He is not the worse of the worse. Those people most times don't end up on death row. Brandon and his family are poor and he should not have to pay with his life. Brandon done everything he could to try and fix the wrong he was part of and the state wants to kill him for it. While the only other person still alive from that tradgic night gets to live his life in prison. Please don't kill Brandon.. And please allow him another chance at life. He is rehabilitated. And is a much better person today.


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