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Help Our Family Get Back Together

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My name is Corina Krecker, my husband James Krecker and our family have been fighting the Department of Human Services in Crawford County for the past two years going on 3. Our family was been split. They took my husband kids January of 2015. Due to abuse apparently by me. Dhs knew the trouble of the children were causing before they stepped in they failed to help us. I still remember Jerome Tidwell telling me Dhs could not help us. That they could not help our blended family being exposed to sexually acting out because my husband kids were molested from  his ex-wife new husband and that acting out as much as hurting the other children was just unheard. We signed a case plan started our plan. By October or September of 2015 our second case worker was out the door. Our last staff meeting with him and  kids lawyer we stated his counselor said to make an appointment as needed and they refused him  service due to appointments he never made. The next case worker we relayed the information but nothing was done about it. That case worker gave us weekend sleep overs and we followed procedure s to ensure the kids safety. While me and my husband we out of the living room. His eldest child acted out on our  son. We told the truth about what happend. They used it against us. They said I deprived the children of food. And I told no they got up got into potato chips and that was their breakfast. Dhs put me on the list for deprivation of food to a child! They also have an allegation that my child was in appropriate against his child. It was dropped after two weeks by then our weekend visits got taken away. We did not see the kids again till October 2016. In September 2016 they took my child for being in appropriate with our son, me and my husband's. While she was in custody she deprived correct medical care and they cut her hair even though they knew we  didnt approve. The case worker never called me about seeing our kids nothing. They just showed I allowed them to investigate and they took her. We did everything they want us to do. We did classes, counseling psych evaluations. And yesterday 6 days before my birthday. They denied our appeal. What the department failed to mention in court that we had gone 6 months without visits with us. They failed to deliver our reffaral at any counseling facility. Until it was too late. I have recorings emails where they failed to do their job as high as the supervisor Erica Eneks. They should have put all kids in counseling when it first started due to the exposure in household but failed to do so. 7 case workers through out our two year case. And I have emailed the judge too. Our family is torn apart. We will never be the same. Please help to change this injustice.

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