Justice for Alec Littlefield

Justice for Alec Littlefield

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October 30, 2015 is a night that the parents of Alec Littlefield will never forget, it is the night their 17-year-old son died.

When the initial 911 call was placed it pinged off a cell phone tower in Howard County (crime was on the county line), the dispatcher eventually transferred the call to Hempstead County for response.

The caller reported, “Someone has shot themselves “and when asked if the individual was alive, they responded “I do not know”. Not once did the caller state it was a suicide or that Alec was dead.

Howard County arrived on scene first, followed by Hempstead County, Ambulatory Services and the Corner.  This death scene was treated as a suicide – not once did law enforcement INVESTIGATE the death.  At the scene it was declared a suicide, later formalized.

During the course of the evening the following occurred:

·        Allowed all witnesses to gather together and write their statements without law enforcement present and was not recorded.

·        Did not secure the scene.

·        Did not make a scene log to track all persons onsite.

Did not:

·        Take finger prints of witnesses on scene

·        Perform a gunshot residue test of witnesses on scene

·        Secure the victims vehicle (reported scene of the crime)

·        Keep witnesses separated until statements were provided

·        Properly tag, bag and log evidence from scene

·        Contact DA to request a warrant to: take photos of witnesses, fingernail scrapings, review for signs of a fight

This is a major failure, as Alec died of a gunshot wound to his chin and apparently occurred while he was behind the wheel.  There are issues with this theory in that there is absolutely no blood evidence where it should have been for this type of crime.

The father of Alec made multiple requests for an approved FOIA so he was able to obtain the reports. As a result of his dedicated efforts to find out the truth, the Hempstead County Sheriffs office called to deliver the autopsy report to this grieving father. During the course of the call the father identified that his son could not

have shot himself at that particular RIGHT-HANDED angle, Alec was LEFT-HANDED and did not shoot with his right hand.

Two (2) years later (2017), the Hempstead County Sheriffs office ceased with the production of FOIA documents, reopened the case and ceasing to communicate with the family.

Over the course of the next four (4) years Mr. Littlefield wrote countless emails, letter and made phone calls in his fight.

The ATTORNEY GENERAL OF ARKANSAS responded to his requests for assistance stating that it is not her job to investigate – she passed the buck as the CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER OF ARKANSAS!!

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