Stop Mr. Depner from being Unjustly Fired

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   Mr. Depner, our 7-8th grade history teacher, is in danger of being fired for standing up for our education.

   A new bill is attempting to be passed by our Arkansas Republican State Representative Mark Lowery, called “The Saving American History Act of 2021”, and it would effectively ban the 1619 Project from our curriculumn, and thus, banning slavery education in our Arkansas schools. Anyone can see how dangerous this new bill could be, and Mr. Depner took action how he saw best fit.

An email was sent, allegedly to Mark Lowery or someone else in our Arkansas government, filled with swearing, as well as rightfully calling out the white supremacy, racism, and white washing of history this bill definitely came with. Mr. Depner hasn't been back to school since.

This will not stand with the students of Arkansas Arts Academy, and we will not sit by quietly while watching one of our own fight for what's best for us and getting reprimanded for it. This petition expresses that the students of AAA, among others, demand the safety of Mr. Depners job and the right to come back into our classrooms.