Support Alayna & other ASU rape victims

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Form: Tell ASU administrators why we need a rape crisis center!

When Arizona State University undergraduate Alayna reported being sexually assaulted on campus in February, ASU police delayed her rape kit, gaslit and silenced her, and administrators refused to stop harassing her when she requested they communicate through her lawyer while she recovered from COVID-19.

Alayna was not expecting so many people to watch and share her videos when she posted about her experience on Instagram. She is grateful for the support and passionate about making sure other victims don’t go through what she went through, so she’s using her platform to advocate for rape crisis services ASU is lacking.

ASU currently has no rape crisis center, no women’s center, and no rape crisis advocates not housed within the ASU Police Department. If Alayna had an actual rape crisis advocate instead of the ASU Police victim advocate, her experience reporting might not have been so devastating.

In addition to reimbursement for therapy and legal costs, Alayna is demanding that ASU invest in a rape crisis center and full time rape crisis advocates. Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault has been advocating for rape crisis services for the past few years.

Join Alayna and SDASA in demanding Arizona State University:

  1. Create a rape crisis center as proposed by Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault and the ASU Women's Coalition, including hiring full time rape crisis advocates that are not part of ASUPD.
  2. Reimburse Alayna for the cost of specialized trauma therapy.
  3. Reimburse Alayna for legal fees incurred defending herself against ASUPD and the ASU administration’s emotional abuse.