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Arizona State University: Stop CENSORING

On November 30, 2011, I ( on behalf of a group of ASU students) started the petition titled "Arizona State University: Reduce The Costs Of Education For Arizona State University Students."

This petition requested signatures to support the reduction in the costs of education for ASU students.

And NOW, Arizona State University is BLOCKING ALL ACCESS to for ALL of it's over 70,000 students and over 5,000 faculty and employees.

As such, students living on ASU campus, using ASU computers or accessing the internet through ASU's school WIFI are not able to access

As a result, Not only can't ASU students sign the above petition but they are unable to sign ANY PETITION on the website.

Not only is this outrageous, but it is a violation of the 1st Amendment rights of both ASU students as well the rights of and those with petitions hosted by to freely express themselves.

Last time I checked this was America, not China, or Iran, or North Korea.....

Support Arizona State University Students.

Support Freedom Of Expression.

Support The 99%.

Sign The Petition.

This petition was delivered to:
  • President, Arizona State University
    Michael Crow
  • Vice Chair, Arizona Board of Regents
    Bob McLendon
  • Secretary, Arizona Board of Regents
    LuAnn Leonard
  • Treasurer, Arizona Board of Regents
    Mark Killian
  • Regent, Arizona Board of Regents
    Ernest Calderón
  • Regent, Arizona Board of Regents
    Dennis Deconcini
  • Regent, Arizona Board of Regents
    Anne Mariucci
  • Regent, Arizona Board of Regents
    Rick Myers
  • Student Regent, Arizona Board of Regents
    William Holmes
  • Student Regent, Arizona Board of Regents
    Tyler Bowyer
  • Governor of Arizona
    Governor Jan Brewer
  • Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction
    John Huppenthal
  • Chair, Arizona Board of Regents
    Fred DuVal

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