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Put the breaks on infertility, support AZ SB1149

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1 out of 10 couples struggle with infertility, we've been that "1" at multiple points in our life. Struggling with fertility is stressful, heart wrenching, expensive, and often times filled with many unknowns. So many questions ran through our minds such as: will we be able to have children, even if we get pregnant will we have a healthy child, if we are successful once will we be successful again, why is this happening to us, am I preventing my spouse from being a parent. When we became pregnant the first time we were overjoyed, this joy was met with disappointment when we miscarried. We found further disappointment as we spent the following two years trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully. We were eventually blessed with two children followed by unexplained infertility then another child a few years later. We would love to grow our family again but have found that desire challenging, suffering 3 miscarriages in 18 months. The best chance we have of adding another healthy biological child to our family will require IVF, an expense our insurance does not cover and one that could cost us up to $17,000 out of pocket for a single round. As I look around, I see so many others also struggling with fertility and the longing to grow or start their families. I see the toll it takes on their body, their mental health, relationships, and their finances. I also look around and I see so many of our friends who have been deeply blessed by various fertility treatments.

15 States currently require insurance companies to cover infertility at various levels. The Arizona State Senate is currently considering a bill, SB 1149, which would require insurance providers who provide maternity care to cover infertility diagnosis and treatment. This bill would offer hope to so many struggling with infertility and would put parenthood within reach for so many.

Arizona also has many children awaiting adoption and studies like the one by Cohen and Chen (2010), point out that states with mandates for insurance providers to cover infertility see no change or an increase in adoptions. Some researchers point to the reason being that perspective parents can receive fertility treatments for very low to no cost and still afford adoption, thus not replacing it as a means to grow a family. This is good news for the more than 4,000 Arizona children and thousands of others nation-wide awaiting adoption.

Read the bill and follow its progress:

You can help support those in need by adding your voice to this petition requesting the Arizona State Senate to pass SB 1149 during the 2018 Legislative Session.

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