Medical Marijuana for Anxiety

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On August 19th, 2018 at approximately 6:00 am I attempted suicide. I was checked into the psychiatric ward that same morning and was diagnosed with depression for my immediate reasons. For months before the incident I was battling that depression trying make it by living a style of life that brought no joy to my day. However, upon talking to a therapist I was diagnosed with anxiety due to opening up and explaining how I had been dealing with a constant fear of not being good enough, panicking whenever I was allowed to let my brain wander, constantly jumping to conclusions and always trying to prove something to people who did not need any proof. I tried modern medicine and I could not take it long term because of one of the side effects being that I could not drive while on my medication. When I made the attempt to try medical marijuana I found out that anxiety was not a qualifying ailment, not only in the state of Arizona but in most states in America. People can get their qualification card for injuries that they suffered years before and received medical attention such as surgeries and other procedures, but mental health ailments are overlooked. Anxiety and PTSD share many qualities yet one is qualified and the other is not. Let’s vote to make Anxiety  a qualifying ailment for medical marijuana in Arizona and open the floodgates to potentially helping hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from any mental illness