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Unilateral hearing loss kids get fair treatment

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Our daughter is 19 months old and diagnosed with unilateral hearing loss at birth. We have found out that the state of Arizona doesn't do anything to help kids like her. Unilateral loss kids don't get the help that would greatly benefit them because of resources. Many have speech issues, but don't get help until they are already delayed. They are missing speech and learning opportunities because they are not able to hear like those with 2 working ears. Something as simple as having music playing in the background can cause a UHL kid to miss most of a conversation. It is proven that many of these kids once they hit school start to struggle, have behavior problems, and even get retained a grade, they are 10 times more likely to be retained. In Arizona, the legislature doesn't believe that UHL kids should receive any help that would benefit them and help them before they get to school. They won't give the school for deaf and blind any resources for UHL kids when they would be able to help them given the resources. This needs to change. All kids should be able to receive all opportunities for the best chance to succeed, they shouldn't have to wait until they are already failing and having to play catch up. We know what can happen without help, and we know that this can be prevented. 

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