Immunity for Physicians and health care systems during COVID-19

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With an anticipated shortage of ventilators for patients with COVID-19, hospitals, physicians, and nurses may have to make unprecedented decisions about ventilator allocation.  Recently developed protocols expressly call for the allocation of ventilators, should a shortage become a reality, in a manner that aims to save the greatest number of lives.  Currently, there is no protection for physicians or health systems who act in good faith by following ethically sound protocols to maximize lives.  Such physicians could be sued for negligence, especially medical malpractice. We ask you to follow the state of Maryland to pass a law that would protect health care systems, physicians, and other health care providers from civil or criminal liability if they are acting in good faith under a catastrophic health care emergency protocol or proclamation.  We ask you to act immediately to protect our health care workers from one source of distress while they risk their lives to protect the public during this unprecedented epidemic.