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Do Not Cut Our State Universities

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The State of Arizona’s education cuts continue to be a proven fault in our State leaders’ governing. The Arizona Students' Association, along with others, supported Proposition 204 in 2012 (a 1 cent sales tax for education) but then-State Treasurer Ducey actively campaigned against it, citing that Arizona had enough money in the state treasury from our current tax revenue. As Governor, we are shocked to see how he continues to deplete funds to benefit education, while continuing to increase state funds to private prisons and law enforcement for petty crimes, unnecessary equipment, and border security. We as a State can no longer affirm the school-to-prison pipeline; rather, we need to focus on the school-to-college pipeline. The benefits of higher education have been proven time and time again. Investing in our state’s human capital should be Governor Ducey’s first priority as it is one of the largest contributing factors to add new state revenues. Students boost local economies, bring in businesses, increase our standard of living, and ensures prosperity to the State.

The one billion dollar deficit cannot be simplified by taking $75 million from Higher Education: cutting is a tactic, not a strategy. By withdrawing approximately $13 million from Northern Arizona University, $37 million from Arizona State University, and $21 million from the University of Arizona, Governor Ducey will be forcing the brunt of our State’s financial woes onto our students. As a State, we must look for new methods of reducing the deficit. Students can no longer be forced into succumbing to the needs of the State, and education can no longer be subservient to private interests and immoral budgeting. This State has experienced historic losses of student graduates due to rising costs and lack of opportunities post-graduation: what we should be doing is attracting students, and not deterring them.

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