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Be a voice for Karla and Sara Johnson for Lawless America in February 2013 for their Congressional Testimony to end state-sanctioned kidnapping in Arizona and the safe return of Isaiah, Wilfredo and Josiah to their family that loves them dearly.

US Senator John McCain
241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator McCain,
I am writing to express my sincere disappointment that you refuse to help your constituents, Karla and Sara Johnson, regain custody of Sara’s three boys despite overwhelming evidence they were taken unlawfully by Arizona’s federally funded kidnap for profit racketeering scheme that is defrauding the taxpayer at a time when America no longer has the funds to support Arizona’s state sanctioned kidnap for profit scheme.
Your refusal to help the Johnsons and many more of your constituents fight Arizona police departments that break into houses and steal children without a warrant is un-American and detestable (See “Kidnapping in Arizona” on www.YouTube @
Your refusal to help the Johnsons who are clearly being threatened by District Attorney Bill Montgomery and Detective Allan Walker (at ) is astonishing and demands your immediate action.
Your refusal to help your constituents like Sara and Karla Johnson who are victims of Attorney General Tom Horns’ malicious prosecution for profit scheme is unconscionable. Is there any question in your mind that Dr. Chapman’s report undermines CPS’s false allegations of abuse, and should have resolved this case in 2009??? (See Dr. Chapman’s report @ ) Any question that Tom Horne has been suppressing this evidence to kidnap the Johnson boys?

Is there any question in your mind that twenty-three state and federal judges ruled on the Johnson case and not one referenced Dr. Chapman’s report???
Is there any question in your mind that Arizona Revised Statute #21 unconstitutionally cuts off citizens’ right to access a Grand Jury regarding government corruption as guaranteed by the Magna Carta and incorporated into the Constitution and is therefore disqualified from receiving federal funds?
Please help Sara and Karla Johnson regain custody of Sara’s children as promised by District Attorney Bill Montgomery’s Office.
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