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Petitioning Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett

Accept current proof of Obama's citizenship and keep him on AZ Nov ballot.

This is a spurious issue that attempts to interfere with my right to vote for the candidate of my choice. *Somebody* wants to keep him off the ballot so he can't win re-election. He has done everything that is required and more to prove his citizenship and it is an egregious affront to his honor to reject his word and the solid evidence he has provided. Continuing to doubt his citizenship in the face of proof now amounts to harassment, and to the extent that it could prevent me from being able to vote, it could also be considered interference with a legal election, a class 2 misdemeanor under AZ law, and possibly a violation of Federal law as well. Please help me and other Arizonans retain our constitutional right to fair participation in the federal election!

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  • Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett

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