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Help Stop the Supression of the Latino Vote in Arizona!

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Maricopa County is the most heavily populated county in Arizona. In this county, one must show ID in order to vote. However, a voter registration card counts as a form of ID. Sounds Good Right? Wrong!!!! The Maricopa County Elections Department in Arizona  has given FALSE information about Election Day to Hispanic Voters. Specifically, while they have printed the date correct date of the election in English, in Spanish, the date given is NOVEMBER 8th! Two days after the election! This may be more covert than intimidating billboards, but it is voter supression nonetheless. I ask you to join with me in demanding that Arizona's Secretary of State, Ken Bennet, ensure that these efforts to disenfranchise Spanish speaking voters, be stop. NOW! Whatever your political affiliation, one of the fundamental rights of all Americans is there right to vote. When this right is threatened, we must act swiftly to make sure that is stopped and the democratic traditon of election or political leaders is upheld.

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