Stop Allowing Rapists to See Their Children

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In fourteen states a convicted rapist is permitted to see the child or children he sired in rape, putting the child and the child's mother in imminent danger.

In 14 states a woman or girl not only has to live with the trauma of being viciously raped by a scumbag but then her and her child are forced to endure a life of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse because in those 14 states a convicted rapist has the right to partial custody and visitation rights.

It is absolutely barbaric that: Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Virginia, Washington State, and Wyoming have judges so psychopathic and so callous that they would permit to allow a rapist to be visting and making any form of contact with the woman or child he raped and her child.

Rape survivors have to relive the intense trauma and deal with extreme panic attacks, PTSD, and other psychological trauma constantly and endure the severe pain of allowing their child or children around a dangerous man. Sons are emotionally, physically, and sometimes sexually abused and many are groomed by their rapists fathers to follow in his evil footsteps. Daughters are emotionally, physically, and sexually abused some becoming pregnant through incest and rape all because 14 states are committing acts of severe child abuse and domestic violence on women and children. 

In these fifteen states a rapist who rapes a minor (someone under the age of 18) even has a right to visit and/or make contact. These are violent, level 3 sex offenders (pedophiles) and these states are allowing them to see their children and further terrorize these mothers. It's disgusting!

I am not discussing statutory rape where for example the mother is 16 and the father is 22 but both were willing to have sex with each other. I am talking here about violent rapists such as those who commit date rape or sexually assault a stranger whether or not the sexual assault/rape is violent does not matter. 

This barbaric law has driven up the abortion and adoption industries forcing many women into adoption and abortion when they did not want either to abort their unborn babies or adopt out their baby.  In fact, 75% of women choose life and 65% choose to keep their baby, but this 65% is mostly outside of the 14 states. It must also be noted that a lot of pressure is put under them by society to not raise their own child. Many are lied to and told that abortion or adoption will make them forget. Women in these 14 states are not making a choice. They are forced between two options because keeping their child will put their child and their own lives in danger. 

Women deserve to keep their baby and to keep their child away from someone who committed a heinous act of violence. Women should not have to fight in court for the safety of themselves and their children. 

We the petitoners demand that the following states that have been listed above immediately ban all convicted rapists, whether they have served their sentence, about to serve their sentence, or are serving their sentence to not be allowed any contact with the mother/the rape survivor and with any of her rape conceived children. We also demand that any convicted rapists currently getting visitation rights will now be denied. 

It's a sad day in America when I have to make a petition to tell state governments not to allow rapists around children and women they've victimized. 

This petition is going to every single member of Congress in the fourteen states.


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