End HB 1/SB 10 and Equailty for LGBTQ+ Athletes

End HB 1/SB 10 and Equailty for LGBTQ+ Athletes

April 5, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jae Franks

HB 1 / SB 10 (2021) - ANTI-TRANS YOUTH

  • This bill will force schools to out any gender dysphoria 
  • Ban gender-affirming care to minors 
  • And  directly attack the LGBTIA+ Communities!

I will encourage my friends to denounce this bill. I will encourage law firms to sue. 

Your time starts now.

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[Lambda Legal Organization]: https://www.lambdalegal.org/ 

[Send a message to your governor or rep to stop this]:


[ACLU News Article about HB 1 and SB10]:




The unlawful bill targeting transgender women and non-binary people. Mississippi and Tennessee have introduce similar nils similar to alabama.

 There is 

NO evidence that the polices would help cisgender girls or boys. Center of American Profress  found inclusive polices compact outdated gender stereotype and are especially critical improving mental health and reduce suicidal thoughts ok’ing transgender students.

For a country that love freedom of speech your surely showing that in this bill. Forcing people to come out. What happened to our right to privacy.’

As just a reminder Alabama had to pay ACLU and planned parenthood 1.7 million dollars in 2016.

We stand against

Arizona Republican Proposes Trio of Laws That Would Allow Schools to Discriminate Against Transgender Students

All Transgender Athletes deserve the right to equality no matter if it's on the field or off.

We ask that all states veto any similar bills. 

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Signatures: 90Next Goal: 100
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