ACT ON CLIMATE ARIZONA - Our Moral Obligation

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ACT ON CLIMATE ARIZONA - Our Moral Obligation

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Stacey Champion started this petition to Senator John McCain and

We Must Act on Climate Now!

Please sign your name, add your comments, and join us on November 7th in downtown Phoenix to send a strong message to our elected officials.

The costs of climate change are real and are upon us. They include destabilized weather patterns, rising sea levels, extreme weather events, drought, fires, human and other species’ suffering and migration, political instability and other serious impacts. These impacts pose a substantial threat to the health, prosperity and security of Arizonans, Americans, and people and ecosystems across the world. Particularly vulnerable are those among us with the fewest resources and least power to protect themselves, their families and their communities. The impacts are already burdening businesses, taxpayers and families, and will continue to grow because of greenhouse gas emissions that have already taken place.

As a diverse group of faith-based organizations, social justice advocates, environmental groups, businesses, and academic and municipal leaders, we are united in the following:

● We have a moral duty to care for and preserve creation now and for future generations.

● We have a moral obligation to care for the poorest and most vulnerable among us.

● Our economy, infrastructure, public safety and health are directly at risk due to human contributions to climate change.

● Prudent action now will significantly reduce suffering, will create a more stable, predictable and prosperous economic and social environment moving forward, and will be far less costly.

● We must undertake fundamental shifts in order to live together within the ecological systems and limits of our planet.

Therefore, we urge Arizona’s elected leaders, the U.S. Congress and the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11) to sponsor and/or support measures that:

● Accept leadership responsibility for addressing the serious threats posed by climate change

● Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a clear, transparent and effective way

● Develop strategies to reduce negative impacts of past and future greenhouse gas emissions

● Develop protections and adaptation support particularly for our most vulnerable populations



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This petition had 1,016 supporters