Washington-Lee Food Trucks

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Here in Arlington, VA we have many high schools within the district. One high school (Yorktown) was allowed to have food trucks for the longest time. This was an amazing gift to the Yorktown students. But as they fight drug problems and student behavior they had to remove the food trucks. Although it was sad to hear about the problems at Yorktown, Washington-Lee hasn't had these troubles as often. The higher majority of students here respect each other and the rules. There are some students who tend to leave campus during lunch who are't seniors, just in the good intent of finding a filling lunch. That means something more filling than a tiny bowl of protein and lettuce. So as the students of Washington- Lee high we are asking that you sign this petition to allow our school to give us the food trucks Yorktown couldn't keep. It would immensely decrease the number of lower classmen leaving campus, thus keeping them out of harms way. It would increase the ability for students to learn after lunch hours when they have eaten a good filling meal. It also open many lunch choices to the student of Washington-Lee. If you agree on allowing this at our school, please sign!