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Our children need safety!

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We need a change. Our children are NOT SAFE. Everyday we see our kids off to the bus stops all around SW Florida, specifically Lehigh Acres and Cape Coral where i mind you we have NO SIDEWALKS. There is nothing but high grass all along the sides of the roads so our children have no choice but to walk in the streets. Our cities need sidewalks. The city doesn't seem to want in inforce anything to assure that our children will be safe walking to and from bus stops. How many kids need to be seriously injured or even KILLED in order for them to make a change? Do i need remind you of the incident in cape coral a few years ago, one kid after another killed by speeders, one being an OFFICER. Well i know one thing, us as parents are sick and tired of it. We demand our city do something about this. We work too hard raising our children in this crazy world to the best of our abilities, working multiple jobs, long nights, early mornings, busting our hump only to have our precious children killed from careless actions of careless people, when all they need are sidewalks! Friken SIDEWALKS is that so hard? We demand our children get the safety they deserve!


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