Close Argyle Due to Coronavirus

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Coronavirus is spreading in North Vancouver, and it is a huge health hazard to be putting so many people from different places in such close quarters for so long every day. This is what is happening at Argyle Secondary School. It is extremely unsafe as there have been outbreaks of Coronavirus in the North Vancouver and Lynn Valley area. There have been multiple cases and even a death at the Lynn Valley Care Center just two blocks from Argyle. Argyle students may feel pressured to come to school right now because of missed projects and assignments, but it is definitely not in their best interest to be infected with this highly contagious disease.

The death toll of Coronavirus grows each day and spreads to new areas so Argyle students would like to keep it contained and not be obliged to put their health and safety at risk for a few extra days of school until spring break begins on Friday March 13th.