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Reinstate Dr. Pamela Garcy to Training Department Chair: Argosy Dallas

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Dr. Pamela Garcy has served the students at Argosy, as training director, to the best of her ability. She has gone far beyond what is required of her role because she envisions the training department at Argosy to be second to none. Dr. Garcy has worked zealously to create, and engineer a training department that is successfully meeting the educational needs of the students. In a short time she has overhauled dysfunctional methods of matching students to a practicum sites and created strategies that bring the training department up to speed with APA expectations. Dr. Garcy is the perfect person for the role. She has the know-how, the integrity, and the passion to move the training department forward. The student's will most definitely be at a loss (again) if she is asked to step down from a full-time position.


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