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Stop human traficking, help find Marita Veron

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Human trafficking is illegal. The UN estimated that more than 1.000.000 women and children are kidnapped and sexually exploited every year worldwide. Marita Veron was kidnapped in 2002. To this day, there is no conclusive information about her whereabouts, partly due to the ineffectiveness and corruption surrounding the case. Marita Veron’s mother, Susana Trimarco, has made ​​countless efforts to make both the government, the police, and the judges, take into consideration the disappearance of Marita. Allegations of police corruption and complicity stained the case.


As I’ve learnt in my sociology 01 class at Foothil college, a person subjected psychologically, it does not have the power to decide their own destiny anymore, so strong is the relationship between the person dominated, and the person exercising the power. Under this circumstances, sex slaves lose the concept of identity, and become simply objects of the other person, making it very difficult to escape, or to seek for help. The Stanford prison experiment, by professor Zimbardo, is a good example of how a person can loose all sense of identity, and become subjected to another person. Twenty four male Stanford university students agreed to participate in the experiment in which half of them were assigned the roles of prisoners and the other half were assigned the role of guards, exercising psychological tortures. The experiment concluded that the situation demonstrated obedience in the prisoners. This experiment has been critiziced though, because of the stress the participants suffered.


None of the fundamental human rights have been respected in this case. Sexual slaves have no voice, have no rights, and have no identity. We are their voice. Please, help find Marita Veron, and stop human trafficking. I am seeking that, with the strong public opinion condemning the case Marita Veron, Argentine government take actions on the matter and start once and for all, to investigate and try to find Marita Veron, no corruption involved.


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