Fight consumer cheating:Support stronger consumer law in next Lok Sabha

Fight consumer cheating:Support stronger consumer law in next Lok Sabha

1 March 2019
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Sarita was fighting hard in the consumer court for the delay in possession of her flat in-spite of payment of timely installments. Rajesh is fighting in the Consumer Court against a popular mobile phone company for a defective handset while Malini is still fighting a medical negligence case which almost crippled her only child.

Like Malini, Rajesh, Sarita there are hundreds of others who are still waiting for justice from Consumer Courts as Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. Every year such cases are filed in Consumer Courts but the progress is delayed and therefore the result is rendered meaningless.

Many of us are not even aware that we as consumers are protected under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

In total, there are approximately 4.5 lakhs cases pending in Consumer Courts. There are many petty consumer cases against PSUs, Railways and other government departments which can be disposed off quickly.

What is Consumer Protection Act, 1986?

A high number of consumers remain unaware of their rights. This Consumer Law is therefore important as it enforces rights of consumers, and provides for redressal of complaints. You can complaint against unfair trade practises which include providing misleading information regarding the quality or quantity of a good or service, and misleading advertisements.  But this Act needs changes.

On December 20, 2018, The Consumer Protection Bill, 2018 with some significant amendments was passed in the Lok Sabha. However, the Bill lapsed in the Rajya Sabha awaiting passage when the Parliament was adjourned sine die on Wednesday, 13th February, 2019. Since this Bill had been introduced in Lok Sabha which had completed its term, the Bill in Rajya Sabha lapsed upon dissolution of Lok Sabha as per parliamentary procedure.

Why is the Bill so important?

There are some gaps in the existing Act like no provision for mediation and out of court settlement inordinate delay, lengthy process of appeal, several adjournments due to unavailability of quorams etc. 

These are the biggest reasons why several aggrieved consumers refrain themselves from filing consumer complaints. For example, if the disputed amount of the consumer is Rs. 10,000/-and his case goes beyond 6 months, no consumer would want to pursue the case as it will defeat the entire purpose of achieving justice.

This Bill introduced various positive changes, which included (i) Setting up of a Central Consumer protection Authority, (ii) Setting up of Mediation Centres in Consumer Courts, (iii) Widening the jurisdiction of Consumer Courts (iv) Unfair Terms of Contract, (v) Jail for false and misleading ads, sale of spurious products and adulterated food, (vi) Product Liability.

This Bill is important to be passed as it will curb these issues and more consumers will be open to approach the consumer courts.

Let's join hands and sign the petition to benefit all the consumers. Let's save our hard earned money ,time and efforts.#Consumer complaint

Sign this petition asking the Congress President Rahul Gandhi and leaders of all National Political Parties and their candidates to pass the much needed bill, THE CONSUMER PROTECTION BILL, 2018 in the new Lok Sabha after election.

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This petition made change with 22,966 supporters!

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