Isle of Man if you are concerned about 5G please act now!

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If you have concerns about 5G for your health, your families health and for the environment; or you oppose 5G on grounds of privacy and security issues; or if you object to being used as ‘guinea pigs’ in a 5G ‘trial’ that you have not consented to - and you work and/or live in the Isle of Man please sign THIS petition.

We the people of the Isle of Man do not consent to 5G technology being tested on us. We have genuine health concerns based on hard scientific facts and data such as evidenced in the 2012 Bioinitiative Report see link below (updated 2014, 2017 and currently for 2019) showing clear harm to health arising from EMFs.

We therefore request evidence of 5G specific Public Liability Insurance for the Telecoms companies proposing to use 5G Technology, along with written assurances from Telecoms companies such as Sure (IOM) Ltd planning to use 5G technology that its current 5G capable masts are tested for safety and that the safety guidelines are up to date and adhered to and that those safety records are made public; and we seek written assurances from Tynwald that 5G is safe and that no citizens of the Isle of Man will come to any harm as a result of their planned 5G rollout.

We request that the Manx Government listen and discuss with the Manx Public our serious concerns over 5G and act in the interest of our health, safety and security.  We want the opportunity for our concerns and evidence to be heard so that our Representatives in Government can make a balanced, fair and un-biased decision about our future.

Please help 5G Aware IOM get as many signatures as possible from the people of the Isle of Man, please share and spread the word - talk about 5G let's raise awareness and make sure Sure stays safe!


This petition started after Ramsey residents Suzanne Young, Laura Garaty and Claire Hughes objected to a planning application 19/00300/B for a Sure (IOM) Ltd mast at the Albert Tower in Garff (Maughold) overlooking Ramsey (capable of 5G) being erected to replace an existing mast. All of our concerns were rejected and we were not given Interested Party status so we set up this petition initially for Ramsey residents and workers but now are extending it to all of the Island so that our concerns can be logged and presented before our Government.