Secure education- Reduce school fees 2021-2022 # CORONA PANDEMIC

Secure education- Reduce school fees 2021-2022 # CORONA PANDEMIC

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Shri. Ram Nath Kovind (Hon'able President of India) and

Why this petition matters

Corona is still here, and we all have to conquer it. Another devastating wave appears to have hit the country. Omicron, a novel CoV-2 strain, is rapidly spreading. No one can forget the devastation and economic downturn brought on by the Corona pandemic, and the devastation continues. COVID's conditions have caused an economic downturn all around the world. According to reports, this is the worst economic downturn since World War II. During the brutal second wave of COVID, India experienced the worst phase of the disease. Lock-downs and closures of various businesses have resulted in crises that have left long-term scars and challenges. There is a sense of dread, worry, and uncertainty over the new variant. Coronavirus has made Work from Home and online learning normal. With the closure of school, teaching has also changed. We cannot deny the fact that during online education school operating costs have decreased. Furthermore people have adopted new sorts of learning on digital platforms.

Since the arrival of Corona, schools have never fully reopened, although online education has continued apace. While several on-campus amenities have remained closed, educational institutes should drop their school fees for 2021-2022 session and following year. As we have not yet recovered from difficulties brought by  delta variant, for that reason government and educational institutes should be sensitive to the issues that people are encountering and should regulate school fees and help parents in these difficult times. Moreover due to the discontinuation of offline instruction, various school facilities are unavailable to students. Institutions are definitely conserving expenditures and recurring costs on numerous goods such as electricity/maintenance cost/water charges/stationery charges/activity charges and so on during online education.

This petition is being created to bring attention to the injustices that are being perpetrated by charging exorbitant school fees despite online classes.

In our petitions, we rely on the signatures of thousands of supporters.

I hope you share my view in the significance of the problem being addressed. The major question behind the petition is that “ Do you agree that education scenario in pre-pandemic time and at present has changed? If you agree kindly support by signing this petition and if not then kindly propagate the message.

Thank you for helping us fight for the cause.

1,765 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!