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Are Immigrants “Animals, Vagrants?” Tell Rep. Jeff Duncan: Apologize or Resign, Now

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At a roundtable discussion on Monday Oct. 31, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) compared immigrants to “animals” and “vagrants,” mixing dangerous xenophobia with cultural elitism and paranoia.

Talking about immigration, he argued, “It's kind of like having a house -- and you're not homeowners, a lot of folks in this room, but your moms and dads are -- taking the door off the hinges and allowing any kind of vagrant, or animal, or just somebody that's hungry, or somebody that wants to do your dishes for you, to come in. And you can't say, 'No you can't come in.' And you can’t say, 'No you can’t stay all night.' Or 'No you can't have this benefit, using my deodorant.'

When asked to apologize, Duncan’s staff defended the comment without backing down, stating, “Congressman Duncan was simply saying what South Carolinians already know, that securing our borders is just like securing our homes.”

Duncan’s dehumanizing rant equates immigrants with animals. He and his staff juxtapose talk about deodorant and terrorism with immigration. Duncan’s bizarre deodorant rant may be laughable, but his language reeks of fear mongering. Does anybody remember the national discussion about civility after the tragic shootings in Tucson last January?

Furthermore, the analogy comparing houses without doors to countries without walled borders just doesn't work.  How many countries have walls on their borders?  How many homes do not have doors? How many immigrants come to steal your deodorant vs. to pick your crops and to do back-breaking work?

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