Are all schools audited for "Mandatory Safety Audit" as per government guidelines"?

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This petition is for  every parent and each one of you who signed my previous petition - Mandatory Safety Audits in every school in India.

Its almost April and most of the parents are looking forward to the start of the new academic session and for some of us it will be a memorable moment to cherish all our lives because our child will go to school for the first time.

But before we all excitedly look forward to start of schooling, let go back a few months and remember these incidents - A 7 year old boy killed in school premises in sept 2017, 4 year old girl raped in school, one kid drowned in the school water tank. What’s common between these – All these incidents happened in the school premises, after several murders and rapes later, government & schools are yet to take up safety issues seriously.

Let me take you back to how the government reacted to these incidents asking for school safety during Sept 2017 (Post Pradyuman’s murder):

1.The AAP government in Delhi had put out a 117-point checklist for schools, one of which demanded that schools set up 'safety committees' to actively monitor security issues.

2. CBSE board has also issued a directive asking affiliated schools to carry out safety audits. -

3. ICSE circular has asked schools to submit audits reports.

4. Police department had confirmed that they would conduct safety audits in every school in Delhi NCR and Haryana.

After all these guidelines we are still witnessing crimes within school premises and the question that arises again is, are our children safe in school?

Many of you have signed my petition for “Mandatory safety audit in every school”. As a result & drive of our campaign, a few days later CBSE and ICSE issued the circular for safety audits to be conducted in every school in India. The schools were to comply with the safety audit measures and share the report.

Today after almost 6 months of issuing this circular, the government hasn’t confirmed whether safety audits have been conducted in every school or not! The police department was supposed to do a safety audit in schools too but we are not sure whether these audits happened.

After failed attempts of getting a response from the authorities I plan to take this forward and get the safety audits conducted in school.

I request you to sign my petition and support so that we together can get it implemented and every school is audited for safety standards.

We plan to take this ahead and urge the government for the following: -

1. The Delhi and Haryana government to share the list of schools which have been audited till now and share the list of Safety audit compliant schools.

2. Share the list of guidelines and report with public

“School within its four walls harbors the future of our children and nurtures our little angels as they grow up”. Lets make it as safe and a beautiful journey for our kids to remember.

and because..there is no bigger grief than losing a child.