Arden: Rescind your support of discrimination

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Arden Anglican School is a co-educational school located in the north-western suburbs of Sydney. As a smaller school then most, Arden thrives on its ability to cater and care for the individual needs of their students. The dedicated and passionate staff allow students to flourish in a nurturing and personable environment. Arden alumni can attest to this and we have become confident, accepting and empathetic people in part thanks to the values Arden bestowed upon us during our school years.

We were appalled to find that the current principal, Graham Anderson, had signed an ‘Open Letter to all Members of Parliament of Australia’ advocating for Arden and other Anglican schools across Sydney for their right to discriminate against LGBTQI+ students and staff.

By co-signing this letter, Arden is sanctioning the idea that a student or staff member who identifies as LGBTQI+ is inherently unable to share the values and ethos of the school. This is prejudiced and plain wrong.

This act completely defies the nurturing environment of the school. Accepting all students is paramount in creating a community of respect.

As alumni, current studnets and members of the Arden community we are concerned that this public display of discrimination will have devastating effects on current and future students and staff.

We are dissatisfied that in this day, as we are about to breach into the third decade of the century, a century which is about critical thinking and manifest devotion to a united humanity towards a common and sustainable future, that any school needs to ever claim that it requires freedom to discriminate because it is religious.  

We call on Graham Anderson and Arden Anglican School to withdraw their support of ‘religious exemptions’ and reaffirm their commitment to providing a positive and respectful learning environment free from discrimination.