Arctic Monkeys to come to Cardiff 2018 Tour

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Arctic Monkeys are going on tour this September in the UK. 

Hey, there’s enough Arctic Monkeys to go around. So let’s share out these tour dates, fair enough?

WELL, let me draw your attention to the fact that 2 venues have 4 nights of the glorious band each. EACH! 

Wales has only got 1. Oh wait- my mistake, they’re not coming to Wales AT ALLL. Or Scotland for that matter, but here, we’re focusing on BRINGING THEM TO CARDIFF FOR THEIR 2018 TOUR!

It may seem too late to adjust tour dates, but fans from Wales are willing to travel up and down the county to see them ( definitely more than 4+ hours on the road). As fans, we would do that. Question is, how far will Arctic Monkeys go to make quite a lot of the population of a small country of fans happy? Don’t forget about us!!!