Fix Bugs on Android App Server Storage

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Android is a Linux-based operating system. The operating system is made for a variety of devices that have movable touch screens, such as smartphones and tablets. This Android operating system was originally made by Android, Inc. But in 2005, Google gave financial support and finally acquired it. So, to the public it was only officially released in 2007.

This Android system was introduced with the most striking changes, namely in appearance. Although not significant, this change in appearance can actually make your device more "fresh". Some of these changes include the Home Screen, Notification, App Drawer, Menu Settings, Battery Menu and so on.

Indeed the changes are not just on the look but the striking ones when they first arrive at the user's hand. In addition, Oreo is also equipped with various interesting features, enough to help users for daily device activities. Some of them are really new features. While some others, features in the previous operating system but have been updated. With that renewal, the ability of Oreo is clearly more stable than Nougat.

Google Play store is an official app store from Google that presents all the applications you need for your android. But now there are also many alternative app stores such as which offer thousands of free apps. But there are some bugs there. Besides that the download speed is also slow.

We hope that the bug will be resolved soon. I also hope that the server bandwidth can be increased.

Bandwidth is a consumption value of data transfer calculated in bits or seconds which is usually referred to as bits per second (bps), between the server and the client at a certain time. definition of bandwidth is the area or width of the frequency coverage used by the signal in the transmission medium. So it can be concluded that bandwidth is the maximum capacity of communication lines used to transfer data in seconds. The function of bandwidth is to calculate data transactions.

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