Keep ARCH 443 a trip based course

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Upon speaking with Professor Ling, we were informed that Arch 443 may be changed from a hands on teaching technique to a weekly seminar based course. We the class of 2019 recently benefited last Spring (2017) from a trip to Washington D.C. headed by Professor Ling. In the duration of this trip, we visited multiple companies that would be amazing career opportunities for us once we graduate. For many of us, this was our first time to D.C. and it was a very historical based visit that displayed many architectural values and engineering feats throughout the past decades. New York City is very similar in the sense that it has been growing for decades and has many buildings with historical facades that are being refaced, renovated, or torn down completely. It is important as architectural engineers that we learn and experience first hand the history of construction and past building methodology to get a better grasp on historical renovations and the maintenance of current structures when we enter our field. One of the most helpful things the AE program has done for us students is allow us to have these real world experiences that really allow us to connect what we're learning in the classroom.