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Bullying in Maryland Private School....Nothing done about it!!!

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I'm a (former parent as of 3/27/17 of my daughter a previous student  as of 3/27/17 at Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville MD. My daughter has been bullied since December 6th 2016. I made the school aware of this issue several times via email, phones calls and in person. In turn it's gone with no disciplinary action nor peer mediation. I have so many email, copies of stuff from students on social media taunting and bullying my daughter. It has come to point that I had put my daughter in counseling. I"ve reached out to the Prince Georges County Department of Juvenile services. They stated although this is definitely bullying that they cannot act on matter because these students did not "physically" attack her. Favoritism has taken place due to one of the student has a relative there that works in Administration. Also the main ring leader has contacted parents of students trying bribe and bash my daughter by telling them not be friends of my daughter to me that is a form of harassment. Several students at the school tried to speak LaSandraHayes Dean of Students  and she told them she would not speak to them regarding this matter. Ive contacted the Archdiocese of DC which they advised me to reach out and contact the principal and school president in which I did and I NO response besides the principal saying someone would contact me and did not do so. I expressed in one email that I did all of the above and I received a call on 3/17/17 after hours at 7:50 pm fromLasandra Hayes who asked and begged me not to contact the principal, president or ADW. I felt as though that was suspect. called me after hours and begged me not say anything. Now the other student and her mother have  sabotaged my daughters education there in which time I withdrew my daughter from the school. On 3/19/2017 I contacted again today by Ms Hayes saying she had accusations on my child she could not give me info for. I as the parent have the right in which I should be given details. Especially me having proof of online social media bullying as well in school and other students recognizing it and it's effecting a lot of the students in the school.Even some of the staff recognized it to the point where they try to intercede on the matters but they were also told to keep quiet. I believe that if this story is exposed that bullying won't be taken lightly as there was a student there who tried to commit suicide and threatened staff and students. Parents were not immediately made aware of this and because it was school grounds with threats it should have been notified immediately not days later. I believe they decided to release this incident because some students saw all the police activity at the school outside of the security staff. As of now none of the staff will talk to me on the phone only corresponding briefly via email as I made them aware that recorded one conversation with the Dean because of her unprofessionalism into which made me feel belittled. I'm hoping you can help me as I've invested over 30k into my daughters education. And I believe these issues need to be exposed. Just because its no actual physical contact doesn't mean its not bullying.Because students there will be automatically expelled for fighting. According the code of conduct at this school it states in the student/parent handbook that they take all forms of bullying seriously. I've also had to obtain legal counsel on these matters to see if they can help because I believe the way this situation has been handled this is a breach of contract where they are trying to hold me financially responsible for paying the school. my daughter received financial aid for a reason. If was able to fully pay this money would have not been awarded. I am in the process of starting a petition and contacting bullying organizations as I really want my voice to be heard things like this should not go unnoticed nor should they be taken lightly. I am pleading for help to get this story out. Please help!!

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Kia N. Hutchison

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