Keep Hallahan open!

Keep Hallahan open!

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Gina Batavick started this petition to Archdiocese of Philadelphia and

Update:  Over the course of the past 5 months, the Friends of Hallahan, parents, alumnae and Hallahan supporters have pled with the Archbishop to reconsider his initial and final decision to close Hallahan.  Details business and fundraising plans have been developed.  Form letters were sent as responses to heartfelt and passionate requests for consideration to continue the school at its current location.  

The Archdiocese ignored its own precedent of allowing the school community to rally and save the school.  This courtesy was extended to Roman Catholic High School, Hallahan's also historic brother school, in 1985.  Why were the boys permitted to save their school, but not the girls?  

The Archbishop maintains that property value had nothing to do with the decision.  Assuming that is true, the only difference then between Roman and Hallahan is that the latter is full of girls.  Why the refusal to treat the girls equally?  

As the Archbishop refused to meet to discuss options, parents and the community took to social medial promptly to be blocked on both Facebook and Twitter by the Archbishop for simply posting "saveHallahan."  These parents who pay $864 in tuition per month.

More updates to come!  

John W. Hallahan was the first Diocesan all-girls Catholic high school in the country. When the school was organized under the leadership of Bishop McDevitt in 1901 and funded by the generosity and vision of Ms Mary McMichan, Ms McMichan made the dream of having a Catholic single-sex education a reality. Hallahan was the first place of secondary learning where girls could be educated with only other girls. There they have the freedom to be themselves—-the freedom to create a sisterhood; a bond, that regardless of graduation year will last a lifetime.

Attending Hallahan, in many Philadelphia neighborhoods, was a passed-on family tradition. Passing the torch from grandmother, to mother, to daughter is a common story told throughout the “City of Brotherly Love.” No matter where you go you can always find someone who says, “Oh, my mom went there!” Immediately, you have a new friend, the sisterhood is strengthened, and the legacy continues.

In these uncertain and erratic times our society is seeing the value of the consistent; the meaningfulness in longstanding tradition and how it builds community spiritually, personally, and physically. Our catholic schools offer a quality academically rigorous, beyond-the-classroom education in a safe environment lead by the gospel and John W Hallahan delivers on that investment every day. The experience is transformative—ask any of the over 37,000 “Girls of the Hallahan High” and they’ll tell you!

Hallahan has educated the young women of Philadelphia since the beginning of the 20th century. It molded faith-filled, tenacious leaders who fought for the right to vote as suffragists in 1920, used the sewing and cooking skills they learned to keep American households running through two World Wars, survived the Great Depression, created strong Catholic families as dedicated and loving homemakers, joined the workforce in droves as secretaries, stenographers, and paralegals in the 1970s with the skills they learned in their business classes, served their country in the military, and continue to be essential workers during this pandemic. Through it all, Hallahan has kept its doors open.

In short, in times when the comprehensive education of girls was not a proven value to the world, John W Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School prioritized it as one and our neighborhoods, our city, and our country and better for it.

Let’s band together and save Hallahan.
It has been done before! Roman Catholic, Little Flower, and St Hubert have been previously slated to close. Their alumni rallied, took full advantage of the spotlight and are now flourishing. Let’s join the path our brother and sister schools have paved and fight!

Hallahan has been educating “the daughters of working class families” for almost 120 years. WE WERE THE FIRST. We created the model other schools follow. We set the standard and we set the trend. As Mr Lowenstein said in A League of Their Own, “I sold you a product when there was no product. This is a product!”

Give us the opportunity to make “Women of Faith, Purpose, and Vision" for another 120 years more. ���❤️

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!