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Save the Notre Dame Academy for Girls School Seal!

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Notre Dame Academy for Girls (NDA) opened their doors in 1953 for young ladies starting high school and graduated their first class of seniors in 1954.  NDA was diverse and had students representing many countries and many denominations; yet when the students united in prayer, we were one big family.

NDA was a safe haven for us, a place where we not only learned but experienced important milestones.  We laughed together, cried together, and celebrated our faith together.  We received a wonderful education and guidance from our teachers and Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  A few of us even returned and became teachers at our dear school. The sisterhood we shared those high school years was compared to none.  Until this day, as adults we carry in our hearts what we were taught and have applied it throughout our lives.

 The NDA alumnae and students were deeply saddened when “our NDA” had no recourse but to merge with our brother school “Archbishop Curley”, at the end of the academic year in 1981. Once the two student bodies were combined, the school adopted a new name and a new crest/seal was designed to reflect the merge.  Although the remaining NDA students from classes 1982, 1983 and 1984 went to Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High (ACND), it was not the same.  Once the legacy NDA students left or graduated, there was no longer a true representation of our beloved NDA just the memories.

In 2009, when the construction of the church Notre Dame D’Haiti was underway on NDA grounds,  ACND was gracious to allow our precious NDA seal to be placed on their grounds for safe keeping.  The intention was to move it back once the construction was complete.  This move of our NDA seal was a group effort of some alumni from both NDA and legacy Archbishop Curley.   A beautiful dedication was held and attended by many.  We the alumni of NDA are so appreciative for these past 8 years that ACND has been the custodian of our NDA seal.

 Now that ACND will forever close its doors at the end of this academic year 2016-2017, we ask that our NDA seal be returned safely home to the school grounds located at 110 N.E. 62nd Street, Miami, Florida 33138.  Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church is visited by our alumni yearly. 

Many classes have returned to the former school grounds and have attended mass with their former classmates.  Those visits have been a time of meditation and reflection of those wonderful years we lived during such a crucial time in our lives, our teenage years. 

In the most recent visit to our former school, we formed a circle around the Virgin Mary, coincidently the same statue that was in our NDA.  We proceeded to hold hands and say a prayer in thanksgiving for our alumni that were present and those no longer with us.  In closing we all sang our Alma Mater song.  At that moment, it was like time had stood still and we were reliving our experiences at NDA.  The NDA seal is a special part of our lives and memorializes our beloved school that will always live in our hearts.

One of our alumna has priced the move and we will all be contributing.  We have spoken to Rev. Father Reggie and have received his blessing to return the NDA seal back to the grounds.  Just like the Virgin Mary remains on the NDA grounds, our seal needs to be returned home. 



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