STOP Catholic Priest Dominic Valamnal from preaching in Ireland


STOP Catholic Priest Dominic Valamnal from preaching in Ireland

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John Chacko started this petition to Archdiocese of Dublin and

This is a request to Catholic Church in Ireland to take action to stop catholic preacher Fr. Dominic Valanmanal who is coming to Ireland this year.

Fr.Valanmanal has been seen insulting children who are diagnosed with Autism and Hyperactivity and their parents.

Here are some of the key preaching on this topic (among many others) from him:

Autism and Hyperactivity are satanic infestations. He has managed to cure 3 kids in Ireland by laying his hand on them and driving Satan away. 100% cured.

When parents live like animals, and copulate like animals, they will bear these type of animal-like children. It is not human.
He compared autistic children with communication issues to animals saying "animals don't talk. Animals cannot hear like humans."

Alcohol, homosexuality, masturbation etc by parents can cause autism and hyper activity.

While he states that he 'understands the pain of these families' he continues to refer them as people leading 'animal-like' lives.

After his last visit to Ireland in 2014, Fr.Valanmanal went back to India and verbally abused autistic and intellectually disabled children and their parents in Ireland in his preaching.

Here is the extract of his speech with sub titles in English.

You can observe his unsympathetic gestures and body language when he describe children with communication disabilities.

His other preaching include;

Comparing young women who fall in love to 'prostitutes', and that their partners will force them to have sex with their friends. For a country that is still attempting to recover from the pain like 'magdalene laundries', this is not an acceptable level of rhetoric from anyone , let alone a Catholic priest.

He curses newlyweds that, if alcohol is served at their wedding, the couple will breakup on the first day of their married life'.

Important issues here:

Distressing to families and children: Not only are these preachings distressing the families affected by this, but also risks creates a divisiveness in the society.

Labelled as Evil people leading animal-like life: When a priest, who quotes the Bible states that the unruly lives of the parents is the cause of Autism and Hyper activity,  he is pushing the society to treat these families and children as third class people, people who should be abhorred.

Discourages a scientific approach: In a progressive society like Ireland, ( where the efforts have been successful to retain autistic and hyperactive people in the main stream and lead a  fulfilling life, unscientific and regressive thoughts like these are dangerous and should be discouraged and stopped. When a Catholic priest states that Autism and hyper activity are caused by Satanic infestations, he is discouraging the believers from utilizing proven scientific approaches of managing the situation.

Using the Bible to support these statements: Quoting the Bible gives his regressive preaching a lot of authority. If believers follow such preachings, it makes the children and family suffer. Did Jesus who preached live for one another want support this?

Misguiding to create a divided society: His preachings are attended by youngsters, young families who might take these seriously and treat others differently. Is this the learning environment that we want our future generations to be growing up in?

When and Where ?

Fr. Valanmanal's preaching are scheduled for 26,27,28 October 2019 in Phibblestown Community Centre, Dublin 15. Fr. Valanmanal is hosted by Catholic Church in Ireland.

Syro Malabar Church is an eastern Catholic church denomination under the Pope. In Ireland, this church is primarily focused on immigrants from the southern part of India. Syro Malabar Catholics in Dublin currently have 9 Mass centers and use Irish Catholic Churches, under the jurisdiction of Archdiocese of Dublin for their Mass.They are now hosting  Fr. Valamanal in Ireland.

Four different written requests sent to Syro Malabar Church authorities in Dublin on this topic, were neither acknowledged nor answered.

It is disheartening to see a powerful and organisation like Catholic church, that have been attempting to be a beacon of sanity, unity and love supporting such dangerous teachings by a priest of their own.

My question to Catholic Church of Ireland is, do they want to promote these type of teachings in Irish society? These preaching are attended by school/college going young adults.

I implore the authorities of the Catholic church of Ireland, to consider the gravity of the situation, and stop Fr. Valanmanal from addressing and misguiding the people of Ireland with his preaching.

Below is the link to my petition to Catholic Church of Ireland.



This petition made change with 444 supporters!