Reverse the Riordan Co-Ed decision!

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Brandon Geraldi
Brandon Geraldi signed this petition

The Riordan brotherhood is a legacy which needs to be upheld. For decades, crusaders have taken pride in calling themselves to be products of an all boys' school. To be inducted into the brotherhood as a Crusader carried with itself a certain respect and character.

The recent decision issued by the school administration claims that starting next Fall and onwards, ARHS shall be admitting female students too. The post also seemed to indicate that this decision was somehow a decision that was approved by a large majority of students, teachers, administration, and alumni.

Now, it should be made clear that we, as the signees of this petition, don't propagate any malice against educational institutions being co-educational. We sympathize with the closing of Mercy High School, and wish this wasn’t the reality. In addition, we firmly believe that all children should have the right and the pleasure to be a part of such a great high school experience that ARHS offers, regardless of gender.

That being said, we would also like to emphasize the emotion that we as the caring members of this great institute feel. This decision was made in haste and was not a popular decision. It is a poor decision that will ruin Riordan’s legacy and character. Students will no longer get the great high school experience that was promised to them, as a very fundamental aspect of their high school careers has changed without their say. The closure of Mercy, while sad in its nature, does not mean Riordan needs to completely change their identity. As the signees of this petition, we want to ask everyone involved in making this decision to reconsider abolishing Riordan’s legacy, a legacy that has successfully continued for years.

After holistically looking at this decision with sound mind and heart, we would like to request the school administration to please reconsider the decision and keep Archbishop Riordan High School’s legacy of an all boy’s brotherhood.