Save the Old Friary

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The Old Friary in Kenmore Hills is a rare, significant heritage listed site owned and used by the Anglican Church since 1932. It has also been loved and used by many groups within the local community (and beyond) for decades.

Expressions of Interest for sale or lease are being sought for the Old Friary (closes 4pm 25 Oct, Despite its heritage listing, comprehensive development (e.g. for a retirement home) is possible. If a developer levelled all or part of the site for development and construction purposes, it would be a great loss to the local community. Its beautiful buildings, community resources, green space, trees, parkland, and peace and tranquillity need to be protected from development.

We appeal to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall and the Anglican Church to retain the Old Friary, since a key aspect of the character of the Old Friary stems from its role as a place of prayer and contemplation, but if the Old Friary must be sold, we urge that it be offered to a buyer who would cherish and improve it, and not to developers who would destroy it, to ensure that it remains a community-focussed heritage oasis for generations to come.

Apart from signing this petition, we invite you to respectfully write to Archbishop Aspinall care of his Executive Assistant, Ann Joseph (

The Friary is located at 139 Brookfield Rd Kenmore Hills and is open to the public in the daytime (when no booked events are occurring) - please feel free to visit.  Art exhibitions are a frequent feature.  To see and read more about the Old Friary (including history and photos) visit our website