Anglican Church - honour your promise on redress for child sexual abuse

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Progress at last. We can win!

In May the Anglican Church in Australia promised to join the National Redress Scheme for child sexual abuse survivors.  In September, faced with no sign of positive action, we started this petition.  Finally, on December 5th, the Anglican Church lodged a church-wide entity, ARNRSL,  to represent the Church at the National Redress Scheme.  They were the first of the three major Christian churches to join.  However, the Catholic Church soon followed and on 13th December announced that 27 of their 35 dioceses had signed up to it.

Problem - only FOUR Anglican dioceses (out of 23) have signed up to ARNRSL at this time (16th December).  However, our voice is being heard.  Seven more dioceses have applied to join.  The Anglican Synod is calling for all dioceses to join,  It reports that twenty two dioceses have advised that their governing council has passed a resolution committing to join the National Redress Scheme.  We must hold them to it!  (And name and shame any that will not join.)

Make your voice heard!  Share the petition, and let's get all Anglican dioceses equally committed to making restitution to child abuse survivors. 




Guy Cox
2 years ago