Hayden Town Hall Meeting

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Dear Hayden Community,

As you are likely aware, Hayden Catholic High School is declining in enrollment at an alarming rate.  Ten years ago, our school had 524 students enrolled; today that number is 396.  In the last 6 months, our enrollment has decreased by 42 students (29 over the summer and 13 over winter break).  To combat this decline, our school administration and Board of Trustees continue to approve annual tuition increases.  Over the last 6 years, tuition for a tithing parishioner has gone up $1,400. 

We cannot simply increase tuition, and expect the school to prosper long-term.  If we continue to lose students at the same rate we've seen the last 6 months, the fate of our school is inevitable.  According to bylaws, the Board of Trustees is responsible for the oversight of Hayden Catholic High School…including, but not limited to “taking into consideration the good of the High School as well as the good of the  greater Catholic Community”. “The Board of Trustees shall have charge, control and management of the property, affairs and funds of the corporation.”  As such, we believe that the stakeholders of the school, the parents, teachers, students and donors, deserve to hear directly from the Board of Trustees their plan to take action to ensure the viability of our beloved school.  Unlike the public school system, our community does not have access to these board meetings.  We do not have the ability to share concerns and ideas, or hear about strategic plans to further the mission of our school.  In order to gain access to the Hayden Board of Trustees, we ask that you read the below petition, and if you support its objective, to please sign.

Members of the Hayden community are hosting a town hall meeting.  By way of this petition, we respectfully request the attendance of every member of the Hayden Board of Trustees, Hayden Administration, Dr. Vince Cascone, Superintendent of Schools, and our local priests.  The purpose of the meeting is to provide transparency and insight into the current state of affairs at Hayden Catholic High School and discuss the strategic plan to address our current challenges.  This meeting will be prayerfully and respectfully managed. If you would like a question considered for discussion, please leave it in the comments below. 

Meeting Information:

Date: Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Time: 7:00 P.M. 

Place: Hayden Gymnasium

As a member of the Hayden community, I proudly support this petition.